Born in Poland, Margaret graduated with a Master's degree from the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Exhibition Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Additionally, she completed the internationally acclaimed Paris College of Art summer program (PCA) in France. During her studies, Margaret was consistently recognised for her work in the discipline that she was most enamoured with: Painting, she was awarded distinctions every year.

Following her move to Canada, Margaret made a career out of designing and creating displays and exhibit materials for various architectural and retail applications. She later branched out into fashion styling, commissioned painting, interior design/arrangement, and special events staging. During this period of time, her paintings found homes in private collections in Canada, the United States, Poland, and France. In her spare time, Margaret facilitated several children's programs as a volunteer at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) and Runnymede Public School.

Although she found this work to be innovative and exciting, the hectic pace and strict deadlines limited her ability to create personally meaningful artwork. In recent years, she has focused on bringing her inner experience to the canvas and hopes to connect with others through this genuine form of expression.

Her recent exhibitions and awards can be viewed on the Exhibitions page.

She is a Member of CFS Ontario, Art Resilience Movement Group, France, SCA-associate, Canada



Inspired by life and people, my painting is a way of story-telling. Using the language of colour and lines, I attempt to translate my feelings onto the canvas. To accomplish my goals of expression, I make use of acrylic, oil, pastel, charcoal, pencil, glaze, and varnish in various combinations. Layer after layer, i want to expose what is underneath. My recent artwork tends to focus on the creation of a structural space - one which represents both an atmosphere of personal experience, as well as an active state of mind. The creation of this image often becomes a living process, blending the boundary between abstraction and representation. My paintings are meant to be an open invitation to the viewer, providing the space from which individual meaning and significance emerge.