Born in Poland, Margaret graduated with a Masters degree from the Faculty of Interior and Exhibit Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Additionally, she completed the internationally acclaimed Paris College of Art summer program (PCA) in France. This training granted her membership into the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, and the opportunity to put her formal schooling into practice as a professional. 
Following her move to Canada, Margaret made a career out of designing and creating displays and exhibit materials for various architectural and retail applications. She later branched out into fashion styling, commissioned painting, interior design/arrangement, and special events staging. In her spare time, Margaret facilitated several children's programs as a volunteer at the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), and Runnymede Public School. 
Although she found this work to be innovative and exciting, the hectic pace and strict deadlines limited her ability to create personally meaningful artwork. In recent years, she has focused on bringing her inner experience to the canvas, and hopes to connect with others through this genuine form of expression.


Inspired by life and people, my painting is a way of story-telling. Using the language of color and lines, I attempt to translate my feelings onto the canvas.I'm devoted to communicate and share my experiences, thoughts, angst, memories, and the music that substantiates my world of emotions.I paint mostly abstract, but not always... often illustrating the human form in dreamy ways.To accomplish my goals of expression, I make use of acrylic, oil,  pastel, charcoal, pencil, glaze, and varnish in various combinations. Layer after layer, I want to expose what is underneath; experimenting with my fingers, hands, and pieces of fabric or sponge to create unusual textures. It's quite hard to translate what I do into words, but I hope that it can guide some viewers to pause and connect more deeply with their senses.

This is why I paint.